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Choosing Modern Furniture: A Step by Step Guide

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Choosing Modern Furniture: A Step by Step Guide

Choosing Modern Furniture: A Step by Step Guide Looking to upgrade that dull and outdated decor? Maybe you need just one piece of furniture to tie the whole place together. If you've contemplated buying modern furniture, you've already made a good decision. The decorations of today have the ability to transform any room into a chic and comfortable living space. From couches and chairs to desks and tables, a modern design makes a world of difference. We offer a countless variety of today's freshest and classiest pieces. To help you with the buying process, this Buying Guide details everything you will need to know.

Step 1: Determine Your Furniture Needs
Not all furniture shoppers are in the same situation. There is a big difference between redecorating a whole room and replacing an old piece or simply adding to your decor. When undertaking a complete furniture overhaul, it is often best to check out different collections. Collections are helpful because they usually offer everything you need to furnish a whole room. Unless you are going for the "mix and match" approach, you can save time and create a consistent atmosphere by going with one collection for your entire room.
It is a good idea to figure out a basic layout for your furniture-to-be. This furniture marriage can only work if you know what to expect out of it. Take some measurements and try to get the basic dimensions that you are working with. Do you have a large room that will need big fixtures to fill it out, or will a few small items do the trick? If you know roughly how much furniture you are going to need, it is easier to set up a budget and browse different price ranges accordingly.

Step 2: Choose Between Different Styles
While all modern furniture has its own style, there are distinct differences that help classify it into different categories. You might find that some consider modern furniture a style in and of itself. In actuality, modern applies more to its current cultural significance than its style. Here are some of the common styles of modern furniture:
  • Contemporary: These artistic furniture pieces feature clean lines and bold colors. Sometimes simple and understated, contemporary pieces shy away from carved moldings and frilly designs. Simple configurations are often accentuated by bright colors, geometric prints, or interesting fabrics.
  • Casual: These furniture items feature a relaxed and soft appearance. Subdued colors and earthy tones can give an inviting feel to any modern design. Often upholstered and overstuffed, casual pieces fit a wide variety of categories, modern being one of them.
  • Arts and Crafts: Balanced proportions and deep colors define this style. Relatively modest in design, these pieces display their fine craftsmanship through wood grains and unique construction. Arts and Crafts pieces can take on a modern look without losing their original charm.
  • Leather: Leather is incorporated into a good amount of modern furniture. Its solid and smooth look fits great in many of today's modern decors. New strides are being made with leather, with faux crocodile skin leather becoming quite popular. Its durability helps it keep up with the fresh designs of tomorrow.

    Step 3: Determine Color Scheme and Fabrics
    The best-designed furniture just isn't going to feel right if the color scheme doesn't fit. The best way to create some cohesion in your room is to find a base color that will accentuate the perfect mood. One piece of modern furniture can have many different appearances, depending on which color you choose. It is common to incorporate one or two accent colors to add character and beautify your original base color.
    The type of fabric you choose for your furniture is a crucial decision in the buying process. Fabric is the only thing that binds you and your furniture together, so you must make sure that it is comfortable enough to live on. In some cases, furniture is used more for show than for comfort. In those instances, the appearance of the fabric is the only important thing. Most times, though, there are other factors to consider.
  • Frequency of Use: How often will the furniture be used? An office chair that gets used every day or a couch in front of the TV are most likely going to sustain a fair amount of wear and tear. Durable fabrics such as leather, cotton twill, and various synthetics are a good choice for well-frequented furniture.
  • Length of Use: How long do you plan to keep your furniture? If you redecorate often, light fabrics are a fine solution. If you see yourself sitting on the same chair ten years down the line, you will want to consider a durable fabric.

    Step 4: Pick the Furniture that Makes the Most Sense
    Take some time to browse the many different types of modern furniture we have to offer. A furniture purchase will have an effect on your life for quite some time, so it is important not to rush into things. We are confident that we have the furniture you are looking for, no matter what your tastes are. So look at lots of furniture, and most importantly, have fun!
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